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Data & Analytics

Turn data into intelligence and make data-driven decisions
Data is the key ingredient for high-value products and services. For enterprises and organizations all around the world, adequately utilizing data generates significant value and a competitive edge. In recent years, organizations have recognized the value of data & analytics and have started making significant investments to boost their capabilities. This has been sparked by the massive volumes of data businesses are able to access and collect.
In order to facilitate data-driven decision-making as well as implement intelligent processes, businesses need to develop and implement effective data and analytics strategies. Foundry’s Data and Analytics teams have both the technical expertise and business acumen to help you drive successful outcomes for your initiatives in this area. Our data services cover the full breadth of the data lifecycle – data engineering, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and. data science.

Our Offerings

Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

We’ll help you create business-critical dashboards and reports that’ll give you a 360-view of your organization and support your strategic decision-making by utilizing relevant governance tools with continually updated data.

Data Strategy Consulting

If you, like most businesses, are trying to turn data into intelligence and meaningful insights for better decision-making and enhanced business outcomes, Foundry is here to help. We will help you identify and validate use cases, hone a data strategy that works best for your business, and create an agile implementation plan.

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Foundry helps organizations gain insights and competitive advantage by delivering solutions throughout the Data Science and Data Analytics lifecycle. We provide descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analyses for better decision making and product development.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering services will help you develop unified data platforms to assist in accelerating innovation by creating a centralized source of truth. We will assist you to transform costly, complicated data infrastructure and data systems ready for business analytics. Our approach covers all aspects of data engineering – end-to-end ETL implementation, data transformation, data lake, data warehouse, data marts, etc

Technologies we use

Why Choose Foundry outsourcing for Your Data & Analytics projects?


Our founders understand the impact of data firsthand because they have years of experience in the data analytics and machine learning space.


With deep expertise in this space, Foundry offers best practices to help companies develop the data-driven company.


We are capable of handling small and large amounts of data efficiently

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