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Data Entry & Form Processing

Maximize value by digitizing your data
In a harsh economy where margins are squeezed and informed clients want best-in-class solutions, it’s critical to stand out from the crowd. Data is the new oil, and organizations stand to gain meaningful insights by collecting and storing accurate data.
Whether you work with large or small volumes of data, data conversion and processing are critical to any organization. Access to accurate data allows for faster strategic decision-making and a considerable competitive edge.
Given the increase in data specialists’ salaries and the rising cost of infrastructure, data processing is an expensive prospect for the majority of organizations. Outsourcing data processing to a reputable service provider has proven to be the best choice for many organizations. This is where our data entry and form processing services come into play. By enabling you to digitize data, Leap helps you gain significant business value from all your data.
We have served a wide range of industries and provided tailored solutions to their specific needs. Among the top ones are real estate, finance, and retail/e-commerce.

Our Offerings

CRM Data Entry Services

Leap is a premier outsourcing partner for CRM Data Entry services for a wide range of industries and enterprises.We assist organizations in establishing dependable CRM systems and techniques in order to strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue. We assist companies in maintaining clear, structured, correct, and well-managed CRM data in order to follow customer interests, develop opportunities, and improve productivity using our CRM data management approach.

Product Data Entry Services

If you require vast amounts of product data recorded, our product data entry, metadata updates, and product description maintenance are the right solutions for you. We provide affordable pricing and fully customized services that are tailored to your specific budget and demands.

Questionnaire and Survey Data Entry Services

Questionnaires are important survey instruments used in market and business research. We provide dependable questionnaire and survey data entry services to help you capture and distribute accurate information. We provide personalized services and deliver what the customer needs to efficiently build business intelligence through survey reports.

Form Processing

Leap Inc. supports organizations with efficient information retrieval by delivering reliable form-processing services. Our structured form processing services are designed to assist businesses in achieving excellence and operational efficiency.
We will help you digitize data collected through hard copy forms, documents, invoices, vouchers, coupons, medical claims, survey forms, insurance papers, purchase orders, etc.

Why choose Leap for your data entry projects?

99.99% Accuracy

Accurate data collection is critical to gaining the right insights

Increased productivity

With the low-level critical operations out of your way, we will help you focus on other high-value activities

Reduces costs

Our services will save you significant overhead and operational costs


Leverage VPN and FTP for maximum security

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